Spark Movement

SPARK Movement is a girl-fueled, intergenerational feminist movement.

Working almost entirely online, SPARK works closely with an international team of girls ages 13-22, providing the tools, support, and resources for girls to organize and carry out activist campaigns that push back against sexism, racism, and other issues that impact girls’ daily lives.

Women on the Map is a project of SPARK Movement hosted on Field Trip, a free mapping app from Google.

SPARK activists researched, wrote about, and mapped 100+ historical women around the world, then put that data into Field Trip. Now, when you download Field Trip on your iOS or Android device, it will alert you when you approach a place where a woman made history.  Here are just a few of the women included in the launch of the app:

  • The Arpilleristas in Santiago, Chile, a group of women who wove colorful tapestries documenting the turmoil and violence of Pinochet’s regime.
  • Mary Ellen Pleasant in San Francisco, CA, an activist and abolitionist who, among other things, would dress like a jockey to help slaves escape their plantations and funded John Brown’s raid at Harper’s Ferry.
  • Mary Anning in Lyme, England, a renowned fossilist who discovered fossils of a Plesiosaurus, rocking the scientific community to its core.
  • Jane Kenyon (1947-1995), a major American poet, was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She married poet Donald Hall, and the couple moved to Eagle Pond Farm, his ancestral home, in Wilmot, New Hampshire. There, she published four collections of critically acclaimed poems and translated the poetry of Anna Akhmatova. Kenyon was New Hampshire’s poet laureate when she died of leukemia in 1995

Women on the Map honors women of all kinds–artists, scientists, activists, educators, politicians, rebels, warriors, queens—and we’re thrilled to include the incredible women of the New Hampshire Women’s Heritage Trail in our map.

We invite you share with us even more stories of women who have made history in your communities. To nominate a woman for inclusion in Women on the Map, send her name, a 150-300 word biography, and a photo to (Please keep in mind that only deceased women will be considered for inclusion!)