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Our 27 Women are absolutely fascinating and inspiring. Some are more well known than others, our goal is to spread the great news about their awesome accomplishments. Here are some links to some interesting articles.

Sarah George Bagley:

Amy Cheney Beach links:

Bernice Blake:

Laura Bridgman:

Hilda Johnson Brungot:   (Really cool newspaper post telling her story in office/flip through animation)

Canterbury Shaker Village and Enfield Shaker Village:

Willa Cather:

Hannah Davis:

Mary Baker Eddy:\

Exeter Hospital School of Nursing: Preview of an Exeter history book but gives a large background history of the school and girls

Sarah J. Hale:

Mildred McAfee:

Abby Hutchinson:

Lotte Johanna Alexandra Jacobi:

Sister Madeline of Jesus:

Jane Kenyon:

Ona Marie Judge Staines:

Sharon Christa Corrigan McAuliffe:   This one has a weird set up but more information

Marian Griswold Nevins MacDowell:

Grace Metalious:

Marilla Ricker:

Molly Stark:

Celia Laighton Thaxter:

Emma Coolidge Weston: Unable to find a full biography only that she was the founder of  The New Hampshire Association for the Blind so the link provided is the website speaking of the growth over the years

Dina Whipple: Biography   Supporting info on her story  

Armenia Aldrich White:

Harriet Wilson: