Inductees – Names and Towns

New Hampshire Women’s Heritage Trail – Statement of Purpose:

To give visible recognition to the historic women of New Hampshire and celebrate their significant contributions to the life and culture of the state since its founding.


This a full listing of the selected women and the cities and towns that they represent in New Hampshire.

  1. Sarah Bagley                              Manchester
  2. Amy Beach                                 Henniker
  3. Bernice Blake                            Manchester
  4. Hilda Brungot                           Berlin
  5. Carrie Cutter                             Milford
  6. Hannah Davis                           Jaffrey
  7. Mary Baker Eddy                     Bow
  8. Sarah Josepha Buell Hale      Newport
  9. Mildred McAfree Horton       Durham
  10. Abby Hutchinson                     Milford
  11. Lotte Jacobi                              Deering
  12. Madeline de Jesus                   Nashua
  13. Ona Judge Staines                   Greenland
  14. Jane Kenyon                             Wilmot
  15. Christa McAuliffe                    Concord
  16. Marian MacDowell                 Peterborough
  17. Grace Metalious                      Gilmanton
  18. Marilla Ricker                          Dover
  19. Molly Stark                               Manchester
  20. Celia Laighton Thaxter           Portsmouth
  21. Emma Coolidge Weston         Hancock
  22. Dinah Whipple                         Portsmouth
  23. Armenia White                         Concord
  24. Harriet Wilson                         Milford
  25. Exeter Hospital Training School  Exeter
  26. Willa Cather                          Jaffrey
  27. Shaker Villages                       Canterbury and  Enfield